Connecting Athletes to the Next Generation.
Your donation supports student athletes in making a positive impact on Tennessee youth.
Our Story
Over 225 Years of Volunteers
We believe in giving back. So to carry on a more than 225 year tradition of volunteering, we’re partnering with student athletes to offer free activities and programs for kids across Tennessee.
legacy impact
Volunteer Legacy benefits both student athletes and Tennessee youth by offering student athletes the opportunity to coach kids, positively impacting their lives. Our student athletes coach kids in sports clinics, focusing on physical activity and preparedness while promoting leadership qualities, study skills, social skills, and health and nutrition. The sports clinics and events offered by Volunteer Legacy are designed to help kids be more motivated, more responsible, and healthier as they move into adulthood.
Engaging Student Athletes & Partnering with Charities Across Tennessee
Volunteer Legacy wants to provide Tennessee youth with opportunities for both physical and mental growth, fostering lifelong skills in leadership, creativity, and ambition. By partnering with existing charities and organizations and offering kids the chance to engage with student athletes, we can make a beneficial impact on their lives.
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Our Story
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